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My therapist in session:

“Anorexia is serious. You need this help.”

“I’m not anorexic.”


“Because I am too fat now.”

And she said:

“You can be over weight or even obese and still restrict under 500 calories and over exercise. Some people just mess up their metabolism that much they can NOT lose weight. But they’re still anorexic. Anorexic isn’t 90 pounds. Anorexic is not ‘skinny.’ “

I melted




Imagine having braces during the apocalypse. no one can take your braces off. And you just have to accept that you’ll have braces forever.

i want a novel focused around a character with braces during the apocalypse and the entire plot of the story revolves around their search for an orthodontist who is still alive and they sort of accidentally save the world in the process

Titled: Brace for It.

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